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Old ABB Advant MOD 300 800xA systems
Looking to get addition info

We have 4 decommissioned ABB Advant MOD 300 UX systems. I don't know much about them. I wanted to research what industries these would apply to and are used in. We got them from a paper mill, and I was wondering what other areas these older systems they are used in.

Any info would be useful.


The initial system design was by Taylor, then bought by ABB. The MOD 300 entered production in 1984. I've seen it in manufacturing as well as power applications. The original Taylor systems migrated from earlier analog and hydraulic controls. ABB has migrated the MOD 300 to their ADVANT platform, and in recent times seems to be trying to move everything to 800XA. I cut my teeth on that system, but haven't touched one in decades, so this is the best my memory can regurgitate.